Larry Dever

Hollywood’s efforts to convince us that illegal immigration is not a crime have jumped the shark.  It seems FX Cable Television Network is working on a series in which the main character is a heroic private investigator.  Oh, and he also happens to be an illegal immigrant.

In the past we’ve seen all sorts of P.I.’s on TV:  Cannon was the portly P.I., Barnaby Jones was the senior citizen P.I.  We’ve even seen a psychic detective (Allison DuBois) and a compulsively neat detective (Monk).

This newest series, though, can’t be blamed simply on Hollywood’s lack of originality.  More likely it’s an attempt to lead the general public to believe there is nothing wrong with being here in the United States illegally.

It is possible Hollywood dislikes the fact that, despite their greatest efforts to convince them otherwise, most Americans have a problem with illegal immigration.

The show’s writer, Chap Taylor, told Deadline Hollywood:  “In Los Angeles and in the U.S., people's lives are built on the labor of those immigrants…our job is to tell good stories as honestly as we possibly can.  If everyone is mad at us, we've done our job."

Well, I’m sure those of us in Arizona who face the dangers of criminal aliens daily will be annoyed at the ignorance of this Hollywood elite.

Most Americans remember when, following a series of attacks on Arizona’s ranchers by illegal aliens and multiple Arizona law enforcement officers were injured or killed in the line of duty, a bill was introduced to allow Arizona’s sheriffs to protect themselves and their citizens from criminals.  The proponents of the SB 1070 sought a workable solution to halt the invasion of illegal immigrants, more than 17 percent of whom are found to have criminal records in the United States, and to humbly compensate for the failures of the federal government to carry out its duty to protect the Arizona border.

The criticism that ensued from the left coast and the country’s elites was sharp and saddening to those who simply wanted help.  The Obama Administration’s Justice Department, the ACLU and other activist groups filed lawsuits against Arizona and its sheriffs challenging the bill—some calling it “racist” and an infringement on civil rights.

Larry Dever

Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever is honorary chairman of which was formed to present a legal defense of the current lawsuits against SB 1070.