Kyle Olson

The real targets of the Green Movement are free markets and capitalism, not theoretical global warming. There is always another agenda.

Back in 2008, Detroit News columnist and WJR talk radio personality Frack Beckmann brought to light a series of lessons produced by Creative Change Educational Solutions, a non-profit outfit producing plans for teachers that want to instruct their students on environmental issues.

Beckmann decried the fact that the curriculum developed by Creative Change focuses on criticizing capitalism by having students compare "wages and working conditions in factories in China and Vietnam (to) corporate profits...and compensation for chief executive officers." In other words, the distribution of wealth is unacceptable and must be changed. That will save the whales!

This curriculum is much worse than Beckmann lets on, however. The lessons have spread throughout southeast Michigan. One school district, Bloomfield Hills - which ironically serves one of the wealthiest communities in the state - purchased the curriculum for $750. Ann Arbor Public Schools paid $4,900 for a day-long seminar. Similarly, Eastern Michigan University paid Creative Change $19,133.67 between 2007 and 2008 to "identify community groups and schools, help to develop, plan for, and facilitate Stakeholders Meetings, and collaborate writing the implementation proposal."

Eastern Michigan University and Ann Arbor Public Schools, spent our tax dollars to spread this poison around the region.

There’s nothing wrong with teaching kids to turn off the lights and if it's yellow to let it mellow. But Creative Change goes beyond common sense reforms and pushes a socio/political agenda.

Kyle Olson

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