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A paper published by several college professors, entitled Organizing the Curriculum for Labor Consciousness, calls for more weaving of Big Labor history and tactics into every day curriculum.

Take the case of Kate Lyman, a teacher in the Madison, Wisconsin school district.

According to an article she penned for the leftist Rethinking Schools magazine, she was swept into the protests by her daughter and Facebook, because “that’s how they did it in Egypt.”

When teacher staged a “sick out,” Lyman described it as “four exhilarating days, four confusing days, four stressful and exhausting days.”

For the record, she’s speaking of the self-serving school employees. She’s not talking about the working parents that had to scramble to find child care because their children were not in school.

At first, the teacher, who already apparently has a warning in her personnel file for violating the school’s “controversial issues” policy, claimed to just invite the students’ observations about what took place.

Consider what these students said: of immigrants, one said Walker would “send them back to Mexico.” Lyman apparently didn’t correct this idiotic notion. Another said, “does he want to be rich?” “Yeah, he wants to be rich!” “He’s selfish.” “He’s crazy.” “He’s guilty.” “He’s greedy.” “He should go to jail, even though he’s governor.”

Lyman made up math problems with the attendance numbers from the protests.

Lyman’s student teacher created a PowerPoint presentation, with side-by-side pictures of the Madison protests and images from the civil rights fights in the south. Then, she went lower than I thought was possible even for union activists. Quoting Lyman:

“I hesitated to ask this last question as the students were examining a photo of white segregations (“We want a white school!”) juxtaposed to a Walker supporter (“WisSCOTTsin”). But we talked extensively about rights, in the context of both the Civil Rights Movement and the Capitol protests.”

I bet you can’t guess how old these kids were. Surely if they were tuned into the news, they must be high schoolers. No, Lyman is warping the brains of 2nd- and 3rd-graders.

This is a perfect example of what the professors’ paper was calling for.

“Embedded in the history of labor’s struggle is an alternative system of values that we sorely need in this era of socially destructive greed and consolidated corporate power,” the professors wrote.

Kyle Olson

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