Kristen Fyfe

Posted October 10, 2008

For the third time, Newsweek religion reporter Lisa Miller has informed the world that Kirbyjon Caldwell, an African-America pastor from Texas, who formerly supported President George W. Bush, has “given himself heart and soul” to Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

Posted July 18, 2008

The Washington D.C. City Council has created so many hoops for handgun owners to jump through before they can exercise their Second Amendment rights, they may require legal counsel just to identify what the hoops are.

Posted July 16, 2008

Nearly half (48 percent) of high school students have had intercourse and 3.5 million people ages 12 to 20 meet the criteria for having an alcohol use disorder.

Posted April 14, 2008

On the April 11 episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, self-admitted atheist Maher slandered Pope Benedict XVI in the name of comedy.

Posted March 29, 2008

The TV networks are acting like a bunch of spoiled two-year-olds. They do NOT like broadcast decency regulations.

Posted March 12, 2008

Are you happy, dear? Has your decision to pursue a life as an employee of the Emperor’s Club VIP been fulfilling?

Posted March 04, 2008

Monday’s NBC psychic crime drama Medium featured a plot line in which an Arizona state senator and former POW is discovered to be a two-time murderer and a cannibal.

Posted December 21, 2007

Americans are pushing back more than ever against the generic “holiday” tide (see Santa’s Helpers list below). As part of that effort, CMI is unveiling the Grinch-o-Meter, which rates those who are Christmas-challenged.

Posted October 30, 2007

On the eve of Halloween, stories are dotting the mainstream media landscape about the sleazy costumes for young girls this trick-or-treating season.

Posted September 26, 2007

On September 30, a Sunday – the Lord’s Day in the Christian church – San Francisco will host the Folsom Street Fair, perhaps the most hedonistic event held in public in America. The fair is the San Francisco homosexual community’s annual celebration of promiscuity, sadomasochism and debauchery. The ad for this year’s fair mocks Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, with a half-naked beefcake Christ and disciples bedecked in all manner of leather and chains. The bread and wine of The Last Supper are replaced with sex toys. Many Christian groups have expressed outrage.

Posted August 23, 2007

The network’s own survey shows that family and faith, not sex, are what make young Americans happy. Guess what’s on the nightly broadcast schedule.