Kevin McCullough

There are just some things children should never see.

Unfortunately for those who attend Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Ct. they now have not only seen them but will have them burned in their memories for the better part of their lives. Being escorted by police, stepping over bodies of dead classmates, trying to avoid stepping in pools of blood, and simply getting out of your schoolhouse and back to the safety of the arms of a parent--would be trauma enough--even without the violent screams of terror and gunshot that preceded it.

The innocence of a child is one of those true gifts in life.

Their ability to see the beauty in things that adults grow hardened towards is a joy that seems limitless. The wide-eyed wonder of those early years of life is something our culture seems insistent on robbing from them earlier each year. But in the face of sheer evil that wonder begins to be erased all together. When that innocence is robbed from them, the effects of it suddenly being gone--particularly earlier in life than it should be--scars will likely be left on their souls that they may never heal from.

Or so it seems...

Friday morning 20 families dropped off their babies at Sandy Hook, that did not come home with them that night. Nor will they ever again. The holes in the hearts of these families are never made whole. The pain, though it subsides over time, is never fully eliminated.

The mommies who had carefully wrapped a special present and put it under the tree with the joy of giving it to them and to see their face glow on Christmas morning, will discover that moment will forever be in want.

And all the potential of those 20 lives--mowed down as pieces of grass--will forever be withheld from the world's pool of talent. The future contributions each of these young minds, lives, bodies, and hands could create, produce, originate or innovate--society has lost.

Another particularly harsh reality that will set in will be the horrific blame-placing one parent will do to another. Why hadn't they decided to go ahead and keep that child home this morning, he or she told us they weren't feeling well? And if history is any teacher, several of these families or marriages will dissolve because of the unbearable trauma it is to endure when a parent buries their child.

God never intended that reality.

The unfiltered evil on display Friday morning occurred in "the safest place in the entire world," according to those from Newton. It is by most accounts, "an adorable little town."