Kevin McCullough

When it comes to your own personal beliefs about slavery, sex traffic, and the exploitation of children, do you realize that you are involved in those practices?

These are the most revolting realities in existence today and you are playing a significant role in keeping them going. It doesn't matter if you call yourself conservative, liberal, progressive, atheist, or evangelical, YOU are playing a role in the fate of nearly 3,000 children in New York City and tens of thousands most other cities across the United States.

You are keeping them enslaved. You are insuring the depression, emotional stuntedness, and in some cases early suicide that is present in so many of these otherwise innocent children.

This was all brought home again this week in the release of five new undercover videos, each of which demonstrated that our tax dollars are being used to break the law by aiding and abetting traffickers. Worse yet the organization that you are funding receives upwards of $363 million dollars a year from you, and allows the full range of the services they provide to assist sex traffickers. and it's president Lila Rose spent most of last week making the progressive left in America so angry, that several of them threatened violence against the organization that is attempting to protect innocent human life. How very tolerant of the one who scream "tolerance" at every turn. (Except now in the lives of underage children.)

Live Action has through very meticulous undercover investigation exposed the actions of those that run these facilities. What the video tapes demonstrate is that multiple clinics operated by Planned Parenthood plainly engage in the cover up of direct knowledge of sex trafficking. And thus far on five different tapes, five specific instances of law breaking occurred by not immediately reporting the trafficking they became aware of.

Jhemu Green and other feminist pundits immediately went on cable television to attempt to indict the motives of Live Action. Avoiding the issue of what the tapes themselves uncovered leftist activists attempted to portray Planned Parenthood as a victim of some diabolical scheme. Choosing to focus on "medical" services other than the abortions they provide, the Planned Parenthood supporters had a very tough time describing compelling situations that would prove a woman's needs for a local Planned Parenthood clinic in their community.