Kevin McCullough

Most Americans are outraged at Helen Thomas' culturally and ethnically based anti-semitic biases, said with seemingly complete sobriety and coherence this past week to a rolling video camera. But if Americans are honest, they would have to admit that the current administration's policies, positions, and preferences towards Israel come scarily close to agreement with the disgraced columnist for Hearst newspapers.

Rush Limbaugh

This is particularly so in recent weeks.

It is one thing for a journalist with ethnic origins from the middle east to advocate over and over again across many administrations for the elimination of the Israeli state. It is another matter altogether for the first President in perhaps two generations to make the case that Israel should be left defenseless, so as to allow her enemies eliminate her.

One is nothing more dangerous than rhetoric that only weak-minded people would absorb. The other is a dangerous position towards one of America's most important allies, in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods on the globe.

One makes a statement to a camera, knowing and understanding that what she is saying is being recorded, and will likely be revealed. The other has been running anti-Israeli subterfuge for the entirety of his time in office, and while intending to keep his bad behavior from coming to light, was unable to prevent things like making Israel's elected Prime Minister wait for hours unattended in a White House meeting room.

Helen Thomas has often held, and even on occasion been cited spouting the view of terrorist groups, specifically Hezbollah, a group that has been and is currently still on America's terror watch list. Barack Obama has at every opportunity expressed dissatisfaction on Israel's domestic policy, even wishing to tell them where they may or may not build homes. He has done this while mostly ignoring terror threats from other noted terror states who have never relented from their promise to wipe Israel off the map.

Helen Thomas regularly and dishonestly made up facts to support her questions that were more statement of opinion concluded with question marks. Barack Obama demands answers of Israel on moves they make to prevent groups from shipping dangerous weapons across open waters directly into Gaza and thus giving the terrorists ability to aim and fire on Israeli towns.