Kevin McCullough

President Barack Obama, who has a tendency to stick himself into the middle of racially biased conflicts that are of essentially no importance, owes that courtesy to one that captured national headlines for nearly a week. In understanding the vital importance of genuine issues of equality in a post racial (a.k.a. "Obamian") age, he owes it to the NFL, DeMaurice Smith, Donovan McNabb, Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, Fergie, and Ja Rule to invite them, along with Rush Limbaugh, to come enjoy a beer on the White House lawn with he and that Vice President of his. Of course, given Biden's history of racist statements towards Indians, Pakistanis and even Obama, perhaps he could learn a thing or two.

Just imagine...

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I mean if you thought that a Harvard professor and a Cambridge, Massachusetts cop looked awkward on the first go round...

The difference in such a summit this time might be the fact that President Obama just might have to say some not-so-nice things to some of those gathered around the table. Also, once it is revealed that the primary force behind the attack on Rush Limbaugh was in fact a former Obama campaign aide, and now high ranking official with the NFL Player's Association named DeMaurice Smith, the President would necessarily be forced to disassociate himself from him a la William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

But one topic of conversation that would actually be helpful to everyone watching, for no doubt CNN and MSNBC would provide non-stop coverage (or make it up out of thin air) of it (or make it up out of thin air) as the most important event in human history, would be: "Why are openly racist, divisive, and vulgar people allowed to be owners in the NFL, while one other man who has no history of racism whatsoever is prevented from it?"

Obama's a law professor, and law professors love those kinds of questions.

But for the sake of argument let's be more specific (per Brietbart's Big Hollywood): why is Jennifer Lopez allowed to be a minority owner in the NFL (Miami Dolphins... figures) when she has said: “And the game done chose me to bring pain to niggas and p*ssy ho*s, they one in the same.”

Since Lopez actually penned those words as lyrics to a tune titled, "I'm Real," she's actually uttered those words hundreds of times, in front of thousands of people, who can all attest to the fact that she uttered them, in front of them and their kids. "Mega Producer" Ja Rule helped her record the song, performed in her video, and the two have taken the show in front of actual live audiences.