Kevin McCullough

One of the perhaps most confusing sub-texts of the 2008 election has been the curious and in some cases surprising support that the candidates have and have not received from evangelical Christians. But if one looks at the record, and not merely the high rhetoric one thing for certain should be easily distinguishable - Barack Obama's record of votes, his view of government, and the ideas to which he aligns himself do not match the values, principles, and truths for biblical Christians.

Understanding this to be the case, and knowing that biblical Christians have a responsibility to act as wise stewards when casting their votes (render to Caesar, in our nation 'We the People' are Caesar etc.) it become imperative to speak with clarity on the issue.

For these few weeks my column will examine the most egregious examples of where Obama's record violates values, principles, and biblical truth.

Would you allow a racist, a terrorist, a convicted felon, or an organization that has taken the act of shake-down to such a new art form that they bankrupted the world in the process, to befriend your kids?

Put a different way, if a local personality--who was well known for believing that the color of his skin was superior, and in fact attempted to re-write the totality of scripture so that only people who looked like him were good, and everyone who looked differently were evil--would you let that man in your home? Would you allow him to dine and make conversation with those you love most? Would you pack your family up in the car and head to a meeting where this man could spew such vile hate from a pulpit... every week for twenty years? And would it never cause you once to blush from shame?

Or how 'bout this...

Would you allow someone who bombed three of our most precious landmarks in our nation's capital to come for a youth retreat held in your community? Would you allow someone who once bombed a judge's home help shape the thinking of the next generation? Would you feel comfortable allowing that person to have nearly unaccountable opportunity to put materials in front of public school students if you knew that on the very day that America would suffer its greatest loss of civilian life, in the most brutal fashion possible that this same person pined in the New York Times that he wished he could have carried out more bombings? Would it make sense to put such a person in charge of "educational" initiatives?

How do you feel about jailbait...