Ken Connor

In the days leading up to the eleventh-hour budget deal reached last Friday, the Liberal Left was out in frenzied force, gnashing their teeth in opposition to GOP efforts to end public funding for Planned Parenthood. Democrats invoked their tried-and-true class warfare rhetoric, insisting that Republican opposition to the organization stems not from opposition to abortion, but from a deep-seated hatred of poor women and a desire to deny them basic, potentially life-saving medical care.

Unfortunately, the Left's propaganda campaign paid off. Planned Parenthood emerged from the budget negotiations unscathed.

While the unique pressures of these kinds of negotiations are understandable, it is extremely disappointing that the GOP caved on this critical issue. All rhetoric and hyperbole aside, it is a documented fact that Planned Parenthood is an ideologically-driven organization dedicated to advancing a radical pro-abortion agenda. When the organization and its supporters decry evil Republicans' attempts to deny critical "family planning" services to low-income women, they are not talking about adoption services or birth control – they are talking about in-clinic abortions, the abortion pill, and efforts to spread their anti-family, anti-child agenda to the women of the world. When they scream that abortion only accounts for 3% of Planned Parenthood's total expenditures, they ignore the fact that a whopping 98% of the services they provide to pregnant women are for abortions. Bottom line? It is incontrovertible fact that – whatever other services they claim to provide for women – Planned Parenthood is the single largest abortion provider in America and the single largest abortion promoter in the world.

From the National Right to Life:

Planned Parenthood repeatedly declares that abortion constitutes only 3% of the group's services. This clearly understates the centrality of abortion to Planned Parenthood's agenda and most significantly, to its bottom line. . . . [G]iven the 332,278 abortions the group reported in 2009, the money Planned Parenthood took in from abortion that year was at least $149.9 million, if they charged the going rate ($451) for the basic first trimester surgical abortion. That would represent, not 3%, but more than a third of what Planned Parenthood took in in clinic revenues for the entire year ($404.9 million).

Ken Connor

Ken Connor is Chairman of the Center for a Just Society in Washington, DC.