Ken Blackwell

Posted July 06, 2015

The Constitution does not force Christians to choose between being able to put food on the table versus being faithful to their cherished beliefs.

Posted July 03, 2015

Do you feel like America has gone crazy?

Posted July 02, 2015

Add another powerful argument to those our colleague Sarah Perry has offered against Common Core standards in education: Consider the peril it poses to our national memory.

Posted June 29, 2015

Almost 30 years ago, when the US was negotiating with the Soviet Union about intermediate-range nuclear weapons, President Ronald Reagan was told that the Russians like to talk in proverbs.

Posted June 24, 2015

Looking at President Obamas foreign policy toward the Muslim world, especially Iran, makes me feel like America has followed Alice into Wonderland.

Posted June 23, 2015

Like two speeding trains heading toward the same collapsed bridge, the dangers and failures of Barack Obamas foreign, economic, and social policies are heading rapidly toward implosion. Our vital security interests, our economic well-being, our religious liberties, and the very fabric of American family life are all at grave risk of becoming casualties of the extreme ideological agenda and simple incompetence of the current Administration.

Posted June 19, 2015

Pols and pundits have been in agreement on one thing this year: Hillary Clinton will be the Democrats nominee next year.

Posted June 15, 2015

Last week I joined a bipartisan group of political figures and foreign policy experts in taking two steps to encourage the improvement of US policy toward Iran.

Posted June 12, 2015

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan isnt the only loser in last Sundays elections. President Obama had made Erdogan a focus of his policy. The voters in that troubled NATO country voted against Erdogans Justice and Development Party (AKP) and in so doing, slapped President Obama.

Posted June 08, 2015

If youre paying attention to the Middle East today, youre paying attention to Iran.

Posted June 02, 2015

Many of us applauded when President Bill Clinton signed the International Religious Freedom Act in 1998. That lawpassed with broad bi-partisan supportestablished a U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) that was required to issue annual reports.

Posted May 22, 2015

House Foreign Relations Chairman Ed Royce (R-Calif.) recently briefed members of the Israel Allies Caucus on Capitol Hill.He spoke to supporters about Iran. Leading off with a question from decades ago: "What distinguishes the United States' nuclear missile arsenal from that of the Soviet Union?"

Posted May 18, 2015

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, an expected GOP presidential candidate, drew the ire of the political right and left recently over his comments on immigration.

Posted May 16, 2015

Speaker John Boehner recently made headlines by joining the growing chorus among conservatives on Capitol Hill calling for a wind down of the Export-Import Bank of the United States (Ex-Im) signaling he might be open to a plan by U.S. House Republicans to bring the New Deal-era program of economic cronyism to an end.

Posted May 13, 2015

In the classic 1976 movie Network, there is a famous scene where a character played by the late Peter Finch shouts, Im mad as hell and Im not gonna take it anymore! I feel that same sentiment is growing throughout America, as the cost of our debt and regulatory state has exploded.

Posted May 11, 2015

The rioting in Baltimore is disturbing to all Americans, as the unresolved cause of Freddie Grays death while in police custody should be, as well.

Posted May 08, 2015

While Washington is abuzz with raging debate on the nuclear deal with Iran, the narrative that the Obama administration keeps repeating is that you either take the deal or you are a warmonger. Not so fast!

Posted May 03, 2015

Two questions will dictate not only the future of healthcare, but also the balance of power between Washington, D.C., and the states, and the separation of powers between the federal branches. One concerns state sovereignty, the other the hecklers veto.

Posted May 02, 2015

Will the next presidential election be won by a lie?

Posted April 13, 2015

Republicans have been in control of both ends of Capitol Hill for nearly four months and one would be hard-pressed to notice any change. Apart from votes on Keystone and overtures to tax reform, most lawmakers have adopted a status quo, business as usual attitude. Its frustrating but not entirely unpredictable.