Ken Blackwell

Posted April 13, 2015

Republicans have been in control of both ends of Capitol Hill for nearly four months and one would be hard-pressed to notice any change. Apart from votes on Keystone and overtures to tax reform, most lawmakers have adopted a status quo, business as usual attitude. Its frustrating but not entirely unpredictable.

Posted April 11, 2015

RFRA supporters are like the brave Americans in the Deep South decades ago who stood for black civil rights against intense political pressure. The fanatical authoritarianism of the political left is plunging this country headlong into a very dark place, from which many nations never return.

Posted April 08, 2015

There is a Back to the Future quality to the current culture clash going on in Indiana, in the country at large, and throughout the Western democracies over marriage and over the gay lobbys insatiable demands.

Posted April 04, 2015

Its a phrase endlessly repeated since 1989. Its been on the lips of Western diplomats, especially our own State Department types, for a quarter century: Two-State Solution. We must have a Roadmap to Peace and that destination must embrace a state for the Israelis and a state for the Arabs of Palestine.

Posted March 29, 2015

Almost seven months after the fateful, fatal encounter between Michael Brown and former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, Attorney General Eric Holder officially announced a truth he had been holding close for months that the Hands Up, Dont Shoot mantra that had been used since August was based on a lie.

Posted March 28, 2015

All we're saying is we're not going to deport you," was the big lie President Barack Obama used when he announced his executive action on immigration. Despite being repeated time and again by politicians and the media during the DHS funding debate to describe the presidents action, its still a lie.

Posted March 27, 2015

The American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Sociological Association (ASA) submitted friend of the Court briefs in the Windsor case.

Posted March 21, 2015

The foreign policy clerisy in this country was loud in its denunciation of Arkansas freshman Sen. Tom Cotton (R) when he circulated a Round Robin letter with the signatures of 47 GOP senators.

Posted March 11, 2015

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to consider whether to overturn the marriage laws of all the statesas some activist federal judges have already done in some of the states--conservatives are naturally calling for judicial restraint.

Posted March 07, 2015

Hillary has already imploded. An unnamed Democratic leader in the important state of Iowa has publicly worried: "What if she implodes?"

Posted February 28, 2015

Even in a Senate then controlled by Democrats, President Obamas National Security Adviser, Susan E. Rice, could not be confirmed as his second term Secretary of State.

Posted February 24, 2015

Theres an old saying that all politics is local.

Posted February 21, 2015

The increasingly desperate attempts of the Obama administration to figure out what motivates ISIS and other Islamist terrorists are wearing thin. Now, even liberals think this administration has lost the bubble.

Posted February 20, 2015

Stung by criticism that he has no strategy for confronting ISIS, President Obama told his hastily convened summit on violent extremism that what these young men need is jobs.

Posted February 11, 2015

Confession is good for the soul, said Mark Twain, but its bad for the reputation.

Posted January 30, 2015

The 2014 midterm elections was one for the history books. When President Barack Obama said all of his policies were on the ballot, voters rushed to the voting booths to give Republicans an extraordinary landslide victory.

Posted January 26, 2015

President Obamas State of the Union Address made it clear he is no Lame Duck.

Posted January 18, 2015

The world stopped recently as journalists in Paris were coldly, coolly gunned down by Islamists bent on crushing everyone elses freedoms. Millions in France turned out to march to defend freedom of speech. And they should.

Posted January 14, 2015

"A reporter for Britains Telegraph newspaper in Paris told Sky News that the first two officers to arrive, who were apparently unarmed, fled after seeing gunmen armed with automatic weapons and possibly a grenade launcher."