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President Obama spoke to a packed Joint Session of Congress tonight, offering many of the same ideas he’s offered in the past, slamming corporations, the rich, taxing oil companies, implying republicans don’t care about safety or poor people, that we need more education “investment,” but don’t worry, he didn’t leave without throwing in a few lines of direct pandering to big labor. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka was a guest of honor after all.

Obama started his speech by pointing out Americans are out of work, struggling to pay for gas and a mortgage, he then went on to complain about the “political circus” in Washington, saying “ultimately our recovery will be driven not by Washington, but by our businesses and our workers. But we can help.”

Flashback: "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" –Ronald Reagan

Throughout the night, Obama pulled out his “we’re in a crisis, we must pass this now” card, and repeatedly asked for Congress to pass the American Jobs Act “right away,” promising twice that everything will be paid for.

Then, there were flashbacks to 2009, when Obama called for the immediate passage of the $1 trillion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or stimulus package.

“The purpose of the American Jobs Act is simple: to put more people back to work and more money in the pockets of those who are working. It will create more jobs for construction workers, more jobs for teachers, more jobs for veterans, ad more jobs for the long-term unemployed,” Obama said. “Pass this jobs bill, and we can put people to work rebuilding America. Everyone here knows that we have badly decaying roads and bridges all over this country. Our highways are clogged with traffic. Our skies are the most congested in the world.” (Richard Trumka smiling and wildly applauding)

Obama also threw small business a bone by saying if the American Jobs Act is passed, small businesses will get a tax cut for hiring new workers or for giving current workers a raise. He also suggested lowering the corporate tax rate after closing tax loopholes.

On the topic of education investment, Obama suggested building fancy new schools for our kids, because “every child deserves a great school,” appeasing the teachers union before 2012. What Obama failed to mention is that every parent deserves to send their child to the school of their choice and the reality is, fancy schools don’t help kids succeed, good teachers do.

Katie Pavlich

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