Katie Gage

Earlier this year, when President Obama went around Congress and used his executive power to recess appoint labor radical Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), we were watching and like many in the small business community, took note and voiced opposition.

Big Labor’s agenda of enacting the Employee ‘Forced’ Choice Act (EFCA) wasn’t seeing much traction in Congress and union bosses were finding other ways to push their plans through, like getting the former American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) lawyer recess appointed.

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All the while, the small business community expressed deep reservations about Becker due to his writings and public comments stating a fervent belief that employers should have no say, no rights whatsoever in the unionization process. He even expressed support for federal policies that disregarded the rights of workers and small business owners, only acknowledging those of union bosses.

And now that Becker has been on the NLRB for a few months, we are seeing the first step from the agency in enacting the forced unionization policies its newest member advocated on behalf of.

Big Labor has turned its sights onto creating “electronic voting services” in union representation elections. A request for information was just issued by the NLRB concerning these voting systems, which would remove paper ballot voting monitored at a worksite and replace it with electronic voting taking place at some other location.

It seems obvious that trading NLRB-supervised elections using physical ballots at a worksite with electronic voting, which could take place offsite, would open workers to coercion and intimidation at the hands of union bosses and organizers.

What is plainly clear is that this introduction of electronic voting is the first glimmer that Big Labor is using Becker and the NLRB to enact portions of EFCA just as they intended.

Before Obama appointed Becker, labor bosses wrote, “It [sic] we aren’t able to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, we will work with President Obama and Vice President Biden and their appointees to the National Labor Relations Board to change the rules governing forming a union through administrative action…”

It appears Becker’s NLRB has commenced with doing just that. Electronic voting exposes workers to individual “attention,” which clearly translates into bullying.

Katie Gage

Katie Gage is the executive director of the Workforce Fairness institute.