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As the bedtime story tells it, Chicken Little’s unhinged nightmare began with a small piece of falling sky. The hysteria that followed assumed that the rest of the big blue ceiling would come tumbling down any minute. Today, conservatives are ritually accused of inciting a similar panic on issues from abortion to pornography; from immigration to States’ rights; and most recently with gay marriage. Skeptics casually cover us over with Mr. Little’s mantle and call us out for using a Slippery Slope argument. “You’re overreacting!” they exclaim.

The truth is that Progressives on the left are the ones using the Slippery Slope argument to support their agenda and push us down the very slide they say doesn’t exist.

Gay Marriage

Thanks to the California Supremes the big debate of the day revolves around gay marriage. Liberals accuse conservatives of drawing a sinister straight line from homosexuality to Armageddon. Certainly, there are pockets on the right who make this correlation but it’s the exception not the rule.

Most conservatives I hear from are upset about the inch-by-inch ground we give up on traditional values. The end result isn’t a ball of fire; instead we wake up in a foggy, swampy mess of concessions that really does impact society. Conservatives are more than happy to concede gray areas on this graph but not the trajectory.

Frankly, we don’t need to prove a downward slope. The left has done it for us. Take the justification of the New Jersey Supreme Court in their 2006 determination that the State can and should move closer and closer to gay marriage. Indeed, in their minds, it’s just the natural next step.

Follow their downward leading logic in their own words:

• "New Jersey's courts and its Legislature have been at the forefront of combating sexual orientation discrimination and advancing equality of treatment toward gays and lesbians."

• "In 1992, through an amendment to the Law Against Discrimination (LAD), New Jersey became the fifth state to prohibit discrimination on the basis of ‘affectional or sexual orientation.’"

• "In making sexual orientation a protected category, the Legislature committed New Jersey to the goal of eradicating discrimination against gays and lesbians."

• "In 2004, the Legislature added ‘domestic partnership status’ to the categories protected by the LAD."

• "The Legislature, moreover, created the New Jersey Human Relations Council to promote educational programs aimed at reducing bias and bias-related acts, identifying sexual orientation as a protected category."

• "Legislature passed the Domestic Partnership Act, which confers certain benefits and rights on same-sex partners who enter into a partnership under the Act."

Justin Hart

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