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If a respected Reagan appointee on one of the highest courts in is caught posting prurient and even explicit sexual photos on his personal website what does this say about the rest of society?

This week 9th Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski was slated to preside over a major obscenity lawsuit.  LA Times reporters noted that Judge Kazinski had himself posted pornographic material on his personal website.  Apparently, he didn’t know the site was open to the public.

After waffling on the appropriateness of this material (one picture apparently featured naked women painted as cows on all fours) Judge Kozinski passed part of the blame onto his son.  To his credit Judge Kozinski has now declared a mistrial and asked a panel of judges to review his actions.

The New Drug

I’m certain we don’t care to know the state of Judge Kozinski’s odd interests but it speaks volumes about where we are as a culture today.  The spate of free, 24-hour access to the worst kind of pornography has redefined the notion of “an addict”.  In previous decades, you had to be a patron of some unseemly shop, purchasing your fix over some dirty counter.  Today, the kitchen counter is the medium of choice.  Apparently, the legal bar is not exempt from these transactions either.

As Mark Kastleman notes in his book, The Drug of the New Millennium, pornography is just about the perfect drug: piped free of charge into the home, reusable, and with no outward signs of use (unless you publish your porn library online).  The effects are no less dramatic than real drug use, ending in financial burdens, spousal abuse, child exploitation, deceit, divorce and destruction. 

So, how pervasive is pornography?  Earlier this year an article entitled: “Generation XXX: Pornography Acceptance and Use Among Emerging Adults” was published in the Journal of Adolescent Research. The researchers found:

… roughly two thirds (67% ) of young men and one half (49%) of young women agree that viewing pornography is acceptable, whereas nearly 9 out of 10 (87%) young men and nearly one third (31%) of young women reported using pornography.

Someone recently emailed us a picture of a ten-year-old boy they knew with an earring, not wholly uncommon these days - unless it happens to be a small gold-plated Playboy bunny earring – which it was.  Branding is everything.

Child Pornography

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