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Jim Kress Wrote: There are so many grammatical mistakes in this leaflet [about Jews in Ukraine] that it could fool only non-Russian speaking people about its authenticity. I found few mistakes in one word in the very first sentence. It is unacceptable to ignore the fact of so many grammatical mistakes in the “official document” for a large multiple media publications.Before jumping to emotional conclusions, people have to cool down and realize that their ignorance of another nation’s culture, history, and language should not be used by our government and their lackey media as an excuse to justify the involvement of NATO or UN “peacekeeping” military in conflicts happening overseas, thousand miles away from our borders, and basically none of our business. - Why Not Arm the Jews In Ukraine?

Dear Comrade “Jim,”

Your familiarity with Russian, your awkward prepositional phrasing and your dropping of the indefinite article “a,” make me suspect that you are a non-native speaker of English.

You seem to be arguing that Vladimir Putin isn't responsible for the situation in Ukraine on the basis of a pamphlet that has grammar problems.

Getting past the fact that anti-Semites generally aren’t known for their perfect diction and their impeccable grammar, the point of the article was to remind everybody that regardless of who put out the pamphlet, Vladimir Putin is the guy who's responsible for the unrest in Ukraine.

I for one am not ignorant of Russia’s culture, history and language.

I have studied Russian literature, language and history since I was 19 years old.

That's 30 years of experience.

So let me say this-- if you’re Russian-- on the basis of my own observations about Russia's culture history and language: You owe the rest the world a big freaking apology.

And I'm not just talking about the tasteless joke that is Vladimir Putin, the guy who couldn't run the Olympic Games.

Do you know how many people died in the 20th century because of Russian idiocy? Seriously, name one Russian accomplishment that has helped the world since y'all killed the Czar and his family, who by the way, was one of the finest Russians your country ever produced.

John Ransom

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