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The OWS crowd was pretty upset with the story OWS Goes All OWS on Itself this week; and an acccounting scandal in California Democrat Party has liberals crying: "It's the Repuplicans' fault; they did it too; we're blameless." Click away for another Email, Hate Mail session.    

Mac wrote: “Who have to live in their parent's basements til they get a job", Mr. many is that? Or has Karl Rove told you that it doesn't matter...just keep calling them slugs and do it often enough and eventually folks will believe it. Cast aspersions...true or not...matters little...just get the message out, huh? – in response to OWS Goes All OWS on Itself

Dear Mac,

I don’t know how many have to live in their parents’ basement. But if you want to be outraged maybe you should direct that outrage at the “faux” bleeding hearts with OWS who called homeless people who have nowhere to live- you know because the are homeless?- “professional homeless,” as a pejorative.

These “professional homeless” people are people who are mentally ill mostly, have nowhere to live and are at the very bottom rung of society. And liberals just showed the country again that when the chips are down they really don’t care for anyone.

How many groups are you going to sell-out before it becomes apparent?

You’ve sold out Hispanic, African Americans, the middle-class, the working-class, students, homeowners, the elderly; and everyone else.        

You know, I can dismiss your silly economic theories still, even though they are responsible for killing more people in the last century than any other cause, because the liberal mind is on the wrong side of retarded: “Tune-in, turn-on, drop out.”

But people like you choose to be hypocrites.

Don’t expect me not to call you out on it.          

Genya wrote: I lived under SOCIALISM for half of my life, the worst system. LOVE CAPITALISM. I hope all this IDIOTS will MOVE ON and take OBAMA with them .MOVE TO RUSSIA, THEY NEED NEW BLOOD. I mean president OBAMA and SOROS fit the need. – in response to OWS Goes All OWS on Itself

Dear Genya,

Well thanks for coming here and supporting freedom

How come we never hear about people defecting to socialist countries?

John Ransom

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