John Ransom

Natch wrote: Well, you really stuck your neck out on this one, John. So who is your recommendation for "bell ringer" in chief? – in response to Jackass: The Candidacy

Dear Natch-

I don’t have a recommendation. I like having elections, as I said.

No one has yet proven to me that they are going to run away with the nomination or that they deserve my support...yet. At this point we could end up with anyone of the candidates catching fire.

Of course any of the GOP candidates would be a vast improvement on Obama.

I’m actually more interested in what type of Congress we get than who we nominate as a candidate for president.    

Insighting Truth wrote: There is something critically wrong with a site dedicated to free speech that censors posters who attempt to use the words from the title of the column they are commenting on. – in response to Jackass: The Candidacy

Dear Truth,

We’re not a site that’s “dedicated to free speech.” We’re a conservative finance site.

Free speech is among the things we support politically, but unfortunately people’s use of obscene words and phrases spoils the conversation. We reserve the right to delete content that we find objectionable.  

A good example would be if you invited someone into your home and he used vulgar and offensive words, you’d ask him to leave. That’s not an abridgement of free speech; it’s the prerogative of a homeowner to control what happens in his home.

Well, this site is our home. 

I think the word filter says more about our foes than it does about Townhall.    

Steve wrote: Also...wasn't Obama just scratching his head with the middle finger in that speech to Hillary? That might have just been an example of his stupidity rather than rudeness. – in response to Jackass: The Candidacy

Dear Steve,

That’s not how I saw it. I watched the video several times and I think it was a shot at Hillary, taken in public.

John Ransom, Finance Editor writes: Oh, my God. Take a deep breath people – in response to Fair, Flat and Final

Dear Mr. Ransom,

Couldn’t agree more.

John Ransom

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