John Ransom

Wow. What a week.

Our debt chicken came home to roost, twice; our economy is stalling; Superman’s going international and electric cars will, sooner or later, be deemed a threat to a type of ground squirrel that you and I have never heard of.

Oh, and make sure you read Mike Shedlock's excellent piece about California Coercion, Threats and Bribery by Unions

Here’s this week’s Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers:

Blair wrote: This could be a publicity stunt by DC [Comics] to sell more comic books. Remember when they killed him off back in the mid- late '80s?- response to my column Supermen Step on Obama Cape


The funny thing is that when I first read about the new Superman storyline, I immediately thought of the new Coke/old Coke controversy. By introducing a new formulation of Coke, the Coca Cola company made fans remember all the things they loved about the real thing (pun intended).

But the analogy fell apart when I realized the big difference: Coke is just a product; Superman is a character. He’s a character who is supposed to represent “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

That’s heady American stuff.

SNL already discussed the implication of a non-American Superman in great detail in Season 4, episode 10 in a segment called “What if?” starring Michael Palin- no relation to Sarah I suppose.

Well, here's tonight's dramatization of: What if Superman had grown up in Germany instead of America?”

“I am.. Uberman! I have superhuman powers, and I fight for untruth, injustice, and the Nazi way.”

Sounds like he works for ACORN.

Chuck wrote: In your article today, “It Tax a Village”, you illustrate why we need the FairTax Act of 2011 (HR 25/S 13). -in response to my column It Tax a Village

There are lots of reasons why we need a fair tax. The biggest reason is that it’s, um, fair. But also, one of the main sources of corruption in our government is the subtle tilting of the tax code in order to bribe certain groups.

Liberals would contend that the tax code is set up to favor the rich.

I disagree.

John Ransom

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