John Nantz

What woman doesn’t cringe at the thought of walking alone out into a parking lot, heavy with shadows made black by the hard gaze of humming floodlights. Dread tickles the small hairs on the back of the neck as fingers grope clumsily for a set of keys playing catch-me-if-you-can. From the blindness behind, shoes scrape bits of loose gravel and evil descends.

What happens next depends.

If you’re a student of feminism, you’re already a victim, a sheep left to bleat against the vicious instinct and unyielding fangs of the wolf. Feminism’s doctrine of victimhood, its destruction of courage, and its reliance on a paternalistic state, strips women of power and makes them the easy prey of sexual predators who aren’t deterred by the notion that “it’s bad to rape.”

Miss USA Nia Sanchez is a powerful woman, but not in the feminist sense. Sanchez’s power is derived from her independence. She is a self-possessed woman who does not look for validation from a silly circle of nattering hens—feminists. Sanchez has dared to think independently, rejecting the proposition that she is powerless apart from the meddling of the state. She is a classic American woman who knows that she is fully capable of meeting whatever challenges confront her and that, ultimately, she is responsible for the content of her destiny.

Liberal feminists are terrified of independent and powerful women because feminism is a totalitarian doctrine and, as such, requires a constituency of servile automatons. People infused with an independent and rugged spirit don’t make pliant serfs.

Feminists would rather see women powerless before predators, so long as they are submissive to feminism’s edicts and hierarchy. This is precisely why Miss Sanchez is attacked with so much acerbic nonsense. Sanchez doesn’t need feminism, she’s found the strength of the American spirit—rugged individualism.

The point here is that a woman should feel free to make up her own mind regarding her response to rape. For feminists to criticize Miss Sanchez for her decision to engage in a course of training that has provided for her a sense of confidence and self-reliance is painfully ironic. However, irony abounds when liberals are confronted by the implacable realities of life outside the bubbles of academe and the beltway.

John Nantz

John Nantz is a graduate of Regent University School of Law and has served in the law enforcement community for 16 years. He lives in the Washington, D.C. area and can be found on Twitter @TheJohnNantz. In his spare time, John enjoys reading, martial arts, hiking, and piling up mounds of brass at the shooting range.