John Kass

What kind of culture produced those two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls charged with stabbing a classmate 19 times?

Our culture.

The 12-year-olds were charged as adults. Police said they wanted to kill their classmate so they could cement a pact with an evil, fictional character that lives only on the Internet.

We won't know for some time what really drove the girls to grab that knife and hold their friend down and stab her, if indeed that's what happened. But we do know about the culture they live in.

It is a culture that has fallen in love with magic and fantasy. It is a culture that takes fantasy symbols of evil -- the vampire, the witch -- and transforms them into heroes of great virtue. It is a culture where dark magic is celebrated, but religion is considered bothersome. We reap what we sow.

Before any of you get riled up thinking I'm about to burn "The Brothers Grimm" or "Russian Fairy Tales," don't worry. I won't. They were valuable to me. They remain so. But such literature is historical, written back when evil sought your soul. Now evil wants to be your friend, marry you and hang out on "Twilight."

All living things take on the characteristics of their environment. Plants soak up nutrients or poisons, as do animals. Young humans do, too.

I figure most parents who've heard of the story must have shuddered, thinking:

Could my child have classmates like that, and be a victim? Could my children be capable of such monstrous selfishness?

"I can't even deal with it," said a young mother I know who has two little children. "I heard about it. I don't want to know."

Of course she'll want to know. She's a mom. And she'll learn about the girls and something will creep along her nerves, just like it's crept along the nerves of every parent with sense.

If you've been following this story, you know that police say the girls stabbed their friend in order to pay tribute to Slender Man.

Slender Man isn't a person, at least not considered a living being by those who can distinguish between fantasy and reality. It is a character created on a website.

Slender Man is tall and thin. He wears a suit. He has no face.

The girls, police said, were devoted to him. They wanted to kill their classmate so Slender Man would accept them.