John Kass

Posted October 15, 2014

If you were just dying for soup -- and you were NBC medical editor Dr. Nancy Snyderman, bent on breaking an Ebola quarantine that you figured didn't really apply to you because you're so special -- what soup would it be?

Posted October 08, 2014

In an early scene on "Madam Secretary" -- a kinda Hillary Clinton political soap opera on CBS -- our heroine mucks horse manure out of a barn.

Posted September 30, 2014

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a public relations genius. That's right, a real American genius if you will. If you don't believe it, then you've probably had your brains scrambled so hard that they leaked out your ear and plopped right onto the 50-yard line.

Posted September 24, 2014

If Jimmy Fallon really wants to grab Mayor Rahm Emanuel's attention when he brings "The Tonight Show" to Chicago for another mutual ear-licking session, Jimmy might ask this: When will Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Sr. show up in Chicago to show Ferguson-style outrage over the assassination of 9-year-old Antonio Smith?

Posted September 15, 2014

Can President Barack Obama lead a coalition to degrade or destroy the terrorists of the Islamic State?

Posted September 11, 2014

The NFL is all about making billions of dollars a year selling its brand of glitzy gladiatorial violence and power.

Posted September 02, 2014

I'm not really into the political cannibal thing. And I'm old-fashioned enough to believe that eating humans -- even in metaphor -- is still a sin.

Posted August 27, 2014

Boys, I'm hoping you can forgive us grown-ups for some of the nonsense coming out of our mouths after the Little League World Series.

Posted August 20, 2014

America tells stories to itself in images, funny ones, sad ones, selfies we send out over our phones with snarky comments. But lately, the ones that get the most traction are the angry ones. They seize us like hands around our throats. And that's what the images from Ferguson, Mo., feel like to me, hands to the throat. But there's another image I saw last week. This one I like, and it doesn't come from Missouri.

Posted August 12, 2014

They don't talk about the quiet in the house.

Posted July 30, 2014

?On the Chicago block where that 3-year-old boy was shot in the stomach, a victim of the city's murderous gang wars, there was a woman watering her flowers.

Posted July 23, 2014

This could be a terrifying tale right out of the Book of Meat Science Fiction, only this one isn't fiction.

Posted July 16, 2014

LeBron is going home to Cleveland after four years in Miami, four years of South Beach glamour, four NBA Finals and two championship rings.The man went on a voyage. He won his treasure. And now he returns home.

Posted July 09, 2014

Prominent Chicago Democrats have had an easy time with the national media for decades -- as easy as shaking a ring of keys to distract an anxious child in church.

Posted July 02, 2014

How does a nation lose its way?

Posted June 26, 2014

In an exclusive interview, Raffaele Raia -- the noted Italian soccer aficionado from Oliveto Citra, near Salerno -- said America is missing only one thing to fully grasp World Cup soccer.

Posted June 19, 2014

Chicago must truly be the most American of cities, and it's not because politicians keep saying it. John Brooks, the newest American soccer star in the World Cup, has testified to this fact.

Posted June 12, 2014

Hillary Clinton graced Chicago this week on her Planet Hillary Global Domination Tour as she seeks the presidency.

Posted June 05, 2014

What kind of culture produced those two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls charged with stabbing a classmate 19 times?

Posted May 29, 2014

The Democrats have it all wrong when it comes to one of their choices for a new President Barack Obama bumper sticker: