John Hawkins

The Republican Party has been branded as the "Party of No" in the last few years. That's not surprising since the GOP has been out of power and has been defined more by what we've wanted to stop Barack Obama from doing than from what we want to do.

The American people deserve more than that. It's important for them to know not just what we're against, but what we'll do if we get into power. Far too few conservatives are talking about that; so it seems like the right time to start that discussion.

That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind. Barack Obama will still be President in 2014 and while we can try to force his hand on a few issues, having him in the White House will constrain what we can do quite a bit.

That’s why the intention here is not to come up with an all-encompassing conservative wish list; it's to present a popular right-of-center legislative agenda that will convince the American people to help us take back the Senate.

Then if we prove ourselves, in 2016 we'll have the opportunity to take the White House as well and we'll have the ability to move much more aggressively to fix the problems that are bedeviling our nation. Until that time, if the Republican Party could actually accomplish everything on this list, it would be a tremendous step forward for the nation.

1) Defunding of Obamacare:

Obamacare is a disaster for the country and no budget that funds it will be passed through the Congress under any circumstances. If voters give the Republican Party control of the House and Senate while we are explicitly making this pledge as a party, that could fairly be considered a mandate from the American people to hold out as long as it takes to get the job done.

2) A Promise Congress And The Bureaucracy Will Live Under Obamacare Until It’s Defunded: If the rest of the country has to live under Obamacare, everyone in the government should, too. Regardless of what happens with the battle to defund Obamacare, Republicans should pledge that all members of Congress and employees of the government in Washington, D.C. will have to live under Obamacare just as long as everyone else does.

3) Reagancare: The Conservative Obamacare Alternative: The Republican Party has offered up many feasible alternatives to Obamacare, but the House and Senate Republicans should unite to select a single plan that will allow providers to sell insurance across state lines, limit malpractice lawsuits to cut costs, provide high risk pools for individuals that genuinely can't afford coverage, and move health care tax credits from businesses to individuals so that you won't lose your health care if you lose your job.

John Hawkins

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