John Hawkins

One of the great ironies of American politics is that the least bigoted group of people in the country, conservatives, are continually accused of being hatemongers by the most prejudiced and race-obsessed people in our nation. No matter how often conservatives advocate race-neutral policies, condemn racism, or prove we're not racists, we're still smeared for the flimsiest reasons imaginable -- usually by people practicing identity politics. So, not only does identity politics cut against the conservative belief that people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, we're very familiar with the ugly side of race-based politics in this country. All that being said, even though it goes against our natural inclinations, there are some extremely important reasons why conservatives should take a fresh look at identity politics.

#1) What we're doing now isn't working and isn't ever going to work: Conservatives talk a lot about minority outreach, but in practice, we don't do it very well. No wonder. A lot of minorities simply won't listen to a message from a white conservative and if the message does seem to be getting through, some liberal will shut the conversation down by screaming "racism." This works for the Left again and again. There are minority communities that have been voting Democrat for decades, have nothing to show for it, and yet, they still won't consider voting for a Republican candidate because they've been falsely convinced we hate them. Worse yet, there's absolutely no indication that identity politics is doing anything but becoming more accepted and more entrenched in American politics.

So, if what conservatives are doing now doesn't work and identity politics do work and aren't going away, then perhaps we should take a harder look at that style of politics.

#2) Doing nothing isn't an option: It's no secret that the demographics in this country are changing. By 2042, white Americans will be a minority in this country. What that means is that if minority voting patterns stay the same as they are today, diehard socialists will soon have a permanent lock on power in this country. Look at the damage that has been done to this nation's future just since Obama has gotten into office. Now imagine that as the permanent state of affairs. That's what we're headed towards unless there's a change.

John Hawkins

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