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After talking about The 7 Worst Presidents Of The Last Hundred Years at Townhall last week, it seems natural to move on to the 7 greatest Presidents in American history. Since below average and mediocre Presidents are quite common while truly extraordinary Presidents are very rare, it seems appropriate to focus on the greatest Presidents in American history instead of just looking at the last 100 years. So, let's get started....

7) Sarah Palin (2012): In the spirit of giving Barack Obama a Nobel Prize for what he was going to do as President, Sarah Palin is getting the number seven slot for what she will surely do when she defeats Hillary Clinton in 2012, after Hill crushes Obama in a brutal primary. Palin will not only be remembered as our first female President, she'll control the borders, get spending under control, and win the war on terror after we went backwards on that front during the failed Obama presidency....okay, okay, just kidding. I was hoping to entice any liberals who happen to read this to throw something at the wall. Let's get down to the real list, shall we?

7) Dwight Eisenhower (R): Most Americans recognize that Eisenhower's leadership in WWII was exceptional, but his leadership in the White House is under-appreciated. Eisenhower was the President behind the interstate highway system. His willingness to use the National Guard to integrate a high school in Little Rock, Arkansas was one of the pivotal moments in the civil rights movement. He also guided the Korean War to a conclusion. That’s a pretty solid list of accomplishments for any President.

6) James Monroe (Dem-Republican): Monroe is best known for the "Monroe Doctrine" which kept Europe out of South America. Additionally, after Andrew Jackson ravaged Florida in response to raids on American territory, Monroe smoothed things over in a way that immensely benefited our country: He bought the Sunshine State from Spain.

5) Ronald Reagan (R): Reagan was not only a great President, he could fairly be called the runner-up for the greatest man of the 20th century behind Winston Churchill. Reagan got the conservative movement in America humming again, rebuilt the American military, super-charged the economy after the disastrous Carter years, and he was the man most responsible for leading the free world to victory in the Cold War.

John Hawkins

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