John Hawkins

Douglas MacArthur once said that, "Old soldiers never die; they just fade away." As it is with old soldiers, so it goes with nations. When you watch "end of the world" movies on TV, America may be overrun by zombies, hit by asteroids, destroyed by aliens, annihilated by a climate gone mad -- and so it may be. However, the history books teach another lesson. For the most part, great nations do not usually disappear; they become progressively weaker, more decadent, less flexible, and slowly, almost imperceptibly decline until some great event comes along that lays bare their newly vulnerable condition before the world. This tragedy has played out again and again on the world stage in Greece, the Roman Empire, Britain, the Soviet Union and in hundreds of lesser nations. Do you believe the United States is immune? We're not. People who study history know this. Conservatives know this. It's why we're concerned about,

1) Our national debt: We're already paying out far more money than we're taking in, our politicians don't have any sort of feasible plan to pay for what we've already spent, and there's no way we can possibly pay out all the money the government currently owes for entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Obamacare. Unless we change course dramatically, the United States could be headed towards the same sort of economic collapse that nations like Argentina and Post-WWI Germany experienced. Despite the very real danger, most of America's political elite seem to be completely unaware that THEY can't continue spending more money than WE have forever.

2) Weapons of mass destruction going off in American cities: It's ironic that so much of the world once lived in fear of a nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union may have been an "evil empire," but at least the leaders were rational. Can we say the same about Pakistan? Maybe. For the moment. How about North Korea? Absolutely not. What about Iran? No way -- and if Iran gets nukes, another half dozen, barely functional Middle Eastern nations will soon follow it into the nuclear club.

We're rapidly moving into a world where unstable basket-case nations run by dictators and religious fanatics are going to be equipped with weapons capable of incinerating whole cities from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Soon, we could even have terrorists setting off nuclear bombs in American cities without the United States being able to identify who supplied them with the weapons. Incidentally, that can already be done with dirty bombs, chemical weapons, and biological weapons.

John Hawkins

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