John Hawkins

The moment I first heard my co-blogger Melissa Clouthier use the phrase "Party of Yes," I knew a column would eventually come out of it because that phrase so perfectly describes today's Democratic Party. No matter how bad the idea, the Democrats are willing to say, "yes, yes, yes" and throw a few billion dollars at it. That has already led to a series of disasters in the early days of the Obama Administration.

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The Democrats have said "yes" to taking over the auto industry: Welcome to "Government Motors," where Barack Obama is the Super-CEO and the union now owns 51% of Chrysler. By the time it's over, the price tag for this debacle looks likely to reach into the hundreds of billions despite the fact that both companies will still go through bankruptcy, which is what critics of the bailout suggested as an alternative to government intervention last year. We have the government hiring and firing corporate execs, getting involved in the cars they're making, politicizing dealer closings -- and Barney Frank apparently even has veto power over which plants are shut down. In other words, if you thought GM and Chrysler had problems before, just wait until Barack Obama, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid get through tinkering with companies. My advice? Buy Ford.

The Democrats have said "yes" to taking over the banking industry: Granted, George Bush got the ball rolling and plenty of Republicans voted for TARP. So, the GOP's hands aren't clean on this one. But, we now have the government leaning on banks to take pennies on the dollar from the car companies, refusing to let banks pay taxpayer money back, and there's even still talk of completely nationalizing the banking industry. What is there in the history of this country, especially in the wake of a banking related housing crisis that was created by the government, that would make anyone think this is a good idea? The average Democrat in Congress probably couldn't properly handle the bank in a game of Monopoly, much less a real bank.

John Hawkins

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