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Future generations will want to study Barack Obama's presidency, not only because he made history by being America's first black President, but because he also appears to be on track to be America's worst President. Sure, everybody wants to know the minute details of what Abe Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt did in the White House, but how many Americans are clamoring for the full story of the U.S. Grant or Jimmy Carter presidencies?

That's a shame, too, because those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it and it's not certain that America could survive another incompetent of Obama's caliber in charge -- although, in all fairness, Rome made it through quite a few emperors who were probably only marginally more on the ball than Obama, so perhaps I'm being overly pessimistic.

In any case, one day` when future generations of Americans are studying chapters of their American history books like, "No longer a Super Power: The Long Slide Down" or alternately, "Why We're Eating Our Own Shoe Leather Now," I'd like to think that articles like this one will be helpful for them.

In no particular order:

20) In another historic first, Obama has opened up the possibility that members of the party out-of-power now may be arrested and thrown in jail over political disagreements -- in this case, over the legality of waterboarding, making terrorists tired, and making them swleeeeeepy!

Granted, policies of that sort have consistently led to retaliatory arrests, bloodshed, and even revolution in other countries, but since Obama is repeating many of FDR's failed plans, the fact that these schemes have led to disaster since before even the days of the Roman Empire probably isn't going to phase him.

19) In another great moment for the presidency, Barack Obama publicly referred to his own country as "arrogant" while he was in Strasbourg, France. Jeremiah Wright must be so proud!

18) In what appeared to be an effort to undercut the nationwide anti-tax Tea Parties that occurred on April 15th, Janet Napolitano released a report that encouraged law enforcement agencies to be wary of military veterans and,

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