John Hawkins

Correcting the myths created and propagated by the liberals in the mainstream media could be an all day, every day job. In fact, there are organizations like the Media Research Center that do just that.

However, the mainstream media is so biased to the Left and churns out so many inaccuracies each day, that sometimes even truly enormous myths manage to slip through the cracks and become accepted as fact. Last week, I covered five of those big lies. This week, I'm going to take on five more left-wing fantasies that you've undoubtedly heard repeated over and over again ad nauseam.

No weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq: This one is such an article of faith on the Left that they actually mock people for saying otherwise, but the reality is far different from what they would have you believe.

Roughly two years ago, Rick Santorum revealed that over 500 WMDs had been found in Iraq. Since then, more have been found although it's difficult to get an exact count. Despite the fact that the WMDs our troops located were old, as Santorum explained, the finds were very significant,

"One of the things that we asserted was that (Hussein) had not destroyed his stockpiles of weapons from the previous war. We sent in weapons inspectors, as people will recall, not only to look at whether he had current weapons programs in place, but to determine whether he had destroyed the weapons he said he had destroyed. It is very clear that he did not destroy those weapons and that those weapons would have been available and unfortunately still are available to...terrorist organizations that could use them against us or other countries around the world."

Of course, you can fairly argue that those were old WMDs that varied in their level of effectiveness because of their age, but that's far different from saying that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction when we invaded.

Tax cuts lead to revenue drops for the federal government: Liberals regularly claim that revenue from tax cuts must be "made up" somehow, which ignores the fact that government revenue usually goes up after tax cuts.

John Hawkins

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