John Boehner

All summer long, Americans have been hit hard – and continually – by high gas prices. Vacation plans have been altered. Family visits have been shortened or cancelled. And commutes to and from work are more costly than ever. While Americans are forced to deal with this reality each and every day, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues adjourned Congress and left Washington on August 1st for a five-week break, essentially telling families and small businesses to fend for themselves in the midst of this energy crisis.

House Republicans have refused to go along with the Democrats’ plans. Instead, we have launched a nationwide gas prices revolt – both on the House floor itself and in communities across the country – to hold the Democratic leaders of this Congress accountable for their total inaction on this vital issue. Specifically, we are demanding that Speaker Pelosi schedule a vote on the American Energy Act (H.R. 6566), our “all of the above” plan to increase production of American energy, promote more conservation and efficiency, and encourage the use of more alternative and renewable fuels. We intend to promote our strategy for lower gas prices on the House floor and in our congressional districts every single day until the Speaker finally gives us – and the American people – the vote we expect and deserve.

One way in which we are highlighting our “all of the above” plan is by asking Americans how the gas price crisis is impacting them. While America’s families, small businesses, and seniors are feeling the pain at the pump, they certainly are not alone. In fact, in just a couple of weeks, when America’s students head back to school, we will begin to see the energy crunch hit home in a new way. From elementary and secondary schools to community colleges and universities, schools at every level will be grappling with high prices for fuel. And House Republicans want to learn how.

That’s why we have launched a unique web-based initiative focused on how high energy prices will impact the coming school year. Found at the House Education & Labor Committee’s GOP

website, this survey will gather input from school officials, teachers, and families to determine the extent of the energy crisis in our schools – input that we will provide to both parties this fall to encourage decisive action by Congress to increase production of American energy to lower fuel costs.

John Boehner

John Boehner is the Republican Minority Leader for the House of Representatives.

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