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The whole food movement is very interesting to me. Parts of me really empathize with it. I invested in Tallgrassbeef. Farmer’s Markets anywhere are a private love of mine. It’s fun to walk through and get fresh fruits and vegetables and take them home and eat them. Where I live, there are artisan cheese mongers and artisan butchers I can patronize and get some really cool stuff to eat. But, it’s not cheap.

There is a movement to fight big food. Chris Cook recently penned an article to energize people to go after the big corporations that exist because they bring the food supply efficiently to consumers.

Because I look at investments in this space, I have educated myself about it. In the past year, I lost thirty pounds. When you are on a diet to lose weight you begin to view food differently. You pay pretty close attention to what goes in your mouth. I view the food chain from farm to fork dispassionately when it comes to investing and analyzing the chains of distribution, and I am passionate about what I put on my fork!

The first point in this article is that we need to radically change what we eat. I don’t disagree with that premise. Anyone that follows the FDA guidelines for eating will find that they become fat. Unfortunately, their misinformation has contributed to the obesity problem in the US.

The actual on the ground science, along with the experience of myself and many friends that have dropped 10% of their body mass or more show that if you deviate greatly from FDA guidelines you are better off. But, that’s a continual theme on this blog. Big government is often wrong when it comes to financial regulation, health care regulation energy regulation and general regulation. What makes you think they would get it right on food?

Here is the articles call to action:

Jeff Carter

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