Jeff  Carter

The media is on a full court press to bring Occupy Wall Street (OWS) to the fore. They are even tying Greek protests to OWS, even though the Greeks have been marching practically every day for the better part of a year. In other countries of Europe, people have been marching as well. The prospect of changing government programs is driving European people into the streets. Clearly, the big government model hasn’t worked.

Is that what Occupy Wall Street protestors want here in the US?

In a sign that the establishment leftists have grabbed control of the movement, Obama yesterday at the dedication of the MLK monument said it was time for the unemployed to rise up. I ask the OWS crowd, is it European socialism or communism you want? Because that’s who is driving your movement.

The answer to the problems the US has is not bigger government. More government programs are not going to be a salve for what ails you.

Look at Europe. Huge programs, huge safety net. They are out of money. Sooner or later private companies have to produce something to sustain the lifestyle you would like to be accustomed to. Governments don’t produce anything, and when they do they allocate resources poorly and we get bankrupt companies.

I pulled this geometric drawing off Chicago Boyz and I think it’s a good broad representation.

Okay Occupy people, ignore the emotional rhetoric and think about this logically.

Jeff Carter

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