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This was a fantastic piece in the Wall Street Journal by Randy Noonan. Personally, I have a lot in common with the fictitious Moe. Even went to junior college.

Obama and the Democrats want to tax the crap out of Moe. But, they say they only want to get the rich fat cats. It’s total class warfare. Don’t fall for it.

Moe is what’s right about America. He worked, lived his life, took some risk and made some decent money. He could be any color and anyone under the sun that was fortunate to be born here.

That’s what Obama never gets. He is so out of touch with normal America. He doesn’t even know what it’s like to swim in the mainstream.

Yesterday I was walking down the street in Chicago. By chance, I saw a big 6’5? black guy that looked familiar. “Rodney”, I yelled. He stopped, looked at me and smiled. We haven’t seen each other since 1982. We played basketball together for a couple of years.

He was walking home from work. We embraced, and chatted for 10-15 minutes. Rodney still looks like he could play, but we laughed since both of our 49 year old bodies are so beat up we can only watch now!

It was fantastic catching up with him. Rodney’s married and has two kids. Both finished college. He has the American dream. House, yard, cars and a decent paying job.

Rodney and me are both Moe. So are you.

Contrast that with Occupy Wall Street.  

In the beginning, there were a bunch of so called radicals protesting Wall Street bailouts.

I was cynical. Then I saw their demands. Then I called them out. Many on the left side of the business blogging community gave OWS the benefit of the doubt.

Once I saw Van Jones and the Unions involved, I knew it was straight Obama Astroturf designed to try and siphon off members from the Tea Party.

Now, the real evidence leaks form the Daily Caller. They are paying many of the protestors to protest.

Jeff Carter

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