Hugh Hewitt

This past weekend the Cleveland Browns went up on the Detroit Lions 17-7 as halftime neared.

I was at that point perhaps a bit ungracious on Twitter with my pal Larry O'Connor, a Michigan native, and the morning drive man on D.C.'s WMAL, not to mention an alumni guest host of my radio show.

The Browns lost the Lions' game 31-17, and Craigslist featured a fake ad for a new Browns QB --another in an endless round of deserved stabs at the plight of the franchise --the request for Browns pallbearers to let down a deceased fan one more time, Mike Polk's epic Factory of Sadness video, the QB jersey, etc etc. The O'Connor payback was deserved.

Point is, Browns fans know futility. The GOP doesn't know futility. And thank God the GOP is playing a President Obama-led Democratic Party. Right now the Dems enjoy the same sort of lead the Browns did last Sunday. President Obama could very well turn in the same sort of performance that Brandon Weedon did after a strong first quarter. In fact, since that is how the president has acted in the past, expect it now.

The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol, floating off the coast of Greece, has the advantage of physical distance and provides a take on the GOP's retreat that isn't infected by the frenzy of D.C.'s past ten days or the media amplification of it (CNN's wholly fake "default countdown clock" being the best example of the levels of MSM absurdity on behalf of the Democrats' talking points.)

I share Bill's optimism that this is going to turn out very well for the Republicans in 2014 provided peace breaks out between the GOP Hatfields and McCoys.

Hugh Hewitt

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