Hugh Hewitt

Carol Platt Liebau and Eliana Johnson aren't exactly Woodward and Bernstein --yet.

But if both reporters keep up their relentless focus on the details of the IRS scandal --"Targetcon," "Targetgate," "Senseless in Cincinnati" --their names will be far and widely known as the first two serious reporters to take the burgeoning scandal seriously.

Liebau labors at, and most her work appears first there in its "Tipsheet" column and eventually ends up easy to find and comprehensively categorized at

Johnson's work appears most frequently in "The Corner" at National Review Online, though her work on the IRS is getting landing page, stand-alone attention from the editors, as it should.

Liebau brings to her work the skill honed on The Daily Princetonian and as managing editor of the Harvard Law Review (the year after the president was the Review's "president") as well as by years on the Hill as an aide to then Senator Kit Bond. The obscurity of IRS decrees are easily penetrated by the past COO of the Harvard Law Review.

Johnson is a Yalie who won awards as a television producer for Sean Hannity and labored at the Council on Foreign Relations before throwing herself into print journalism, and that particular corner of print where the heavy lifting happens --investigative journalism.

Together the work product of the two has run circles around the big names and the old guard, who apparently haven't had time to figure out the IRS organization chart or to read the IG's report in detail, much less develop sources within the vast IRS bureaucracy willing and able to whisper some directions to the right office in the right building.

Now that the two are firmly established as out front and serious on the IRS scandal, expect additional emails to head their way, phone calls from friends of friends, and perhaps even the mother-of-all-journalistic finds --the documents arriving in the mail in an envelope with no return address.

Hugh Hewitt

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