Hugh Hewitt

Marco Rubio spent a half hour on the radio program with me yesterday, calling in to respond to the many criticisms (most bogus, some legit) launched at the first draft of immigration reform. (Transcript here.) The wide-ranging interview of the Florida senator also included criticism of the president's press conference and his Syrian "red lines."

He also managed to endorse the Dolphins draft. The transcript is here. The Washington Examiner's Byron York assesses the defense of the immigration bill the senator mounted here.

"[T]there’s no doubt," concludes York, "that one of the bill’s main architects believes it will have to have tougher security provisions if it is to become law."

Later in the program South Dakota's John Thune came by the studio and settled in for most of the hour for just as expansive a chat on the president, the prospects for tax reform this year --very low-- and of course immigration reform.

Off air he chatted easily about the decline of the Lakers, the basketball team he has followed since he was a small lad, and on air he made the case for the House sending over a clean repeal of the medical device tax so that much needed relief for a huge number of job creators can pass the Congress quickly:

I understand where the House is coming from on that, because anything you send to the Senate, to the Democrat-controlled Senate, there’s a danger there associated with that. But this is such a clear, clear win, I think. And when you have 79 senators, Republican and Democrat who voted to repeal this tax, I think you send it over there and put the pressure on the Senate to repeal it. And I do believe there will be a very big bipartisan vote to repeal it. And I think it would be very hard for the Senate Democrats to try and muck it up with other [aspects] of their policy agenda and send it back to the House. So I hope the House will find their way to do that.

Hugh Hewitt

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