Hugh Hewitt
Rick Perry isn't giving up and isn't going home, and some folks in South Carolina have noticed.

The New York Times followed the Texas governor around some his stops in the Palmetto State and reported back to their Manhattan elites that, gasp, Perry was connecting with Christians.

Perry, the paper announced today, "seems to have found in South Carolina a place where he can connect with some crowds, with stump speeches, sometimes before a hundred people, that preach reverence for Jesus Christ and for the military."

"He appears looser and more confident than he has been for some time, perhaps since the days when he was considered a front-runner, which ended with his string of poor debate performances," it continued.

This was the Rick Perry who appeared on my show on Wednesday, eager to talk about the Keystone XL pipeline, President Obama's proposed radical downsizing of the military, and of course, Mitt Romney. The complete transcript is here.

At the end of the conversation I asked Perry about the debates. The exchange is revealing:

HH: You just mentioned the "people on the stage." I must say, your patience with these moderators is admirable, Governor. I honestly do not know how you get through a David Gregory debate, or George Stephanopoulos debate without laughing. What’s going on in your mind when you hear their loaded questions?

RP: Well obviously, this is all about reality TV, and frankly, making money for the networks. I mean, we’ve basically become pawns of the media from the standpoint of, you know, we’re not talking about the issues in a one minute reflection, frankly, on some very, very idiotic questions. I mean, the idea about contraceptives that was asked the other night was just off the scale from the standpoint of being of any importance in this country. So you know, it is what it is, and we’re going to continue on. One of the reasons we’re involved with so much retail politics in South Carolina is that I want to talk directly to the people. We’re having open, lengthy discussions at all of these events that we’re doing, and I feel pretty confident that the South Carolina voter is paying attention, and they’re looking for an outsider, not one of these insiders either on Wall Street or Washington, D.C., to lead this country, somebody that’s got a track record of creating jobs and of cutting the tax burden and the regulatory burden. The insiders? They’ve had their chance. And it’s time to have an outsider come in and overhaul Washington, D.C.

Hugh Hewitt

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