Guy Benson

The American people face an important choice in November.  They will either re-elect President Barack Obama for another four-year term, or they will replace him with Governor Mitt Romney.  Rather than recapitulate the case against a second term for the incumbent, let's scrutinize eight of the top prevailing arguments against electing his Republican challenger.  Each of the following anti-Romney indictments has been advanced -- explicitly, or through surrogates -- by the president's campaign and the Democratic Party.  Below you'll find my sincere attempt to address these criticisms in a balanced and honest way, even as I openly and transparently admit my conservative leanings at the outset.  I will attempt to rate each claim as as either true, fair, unfair, or false -- and will aim to offer verification of my facts through embedded links to credible, reliable, and non-partisan sources:

Criticism #1 - Mitt Romney seems secretive because he won't release more than two years of his personal tax returns.  Rating: Fair and mostly true. (SEE UPDATE).

Guy Benson

Guy Benson is's Political Editor. Follow him on Twitter @guypbenson. He is co-authors with Mary Katharine Ham for their new book End of Discussion: How the Left's Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun).

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