Glenn Beck

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Glenn Beck, one of our nation's leading conservative voices, recently chatted with Townhall Magazine in advance of his newest book, The Christmas Sweater, hitting stores this season.

What kind of message does your new novel, “The Christmas Sweater,” contain for your audience?

My message is simple: Every single one of us has the power to start over again. Outside of Manhattan and Berkeley (you know, in those annoying “fly-over states”) they call it “redemption”—and it’s the greatest gift in the world.

For years, I didn’t understand redemption or atonement—I thought they were just words used in sermons to get more money into the collection basket. Then, one day, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I’d become a mean, unemployable, alcoholic who was quickly losing his friends and family. I started listening to those sermons more closely, and I decided to change.

As I look back, it seems obvious that the embodiment of all that’s happened to me can be found in the form of a sweater my mother knitted for me before she died. At the time, I hated her gift so much that I threw it on the floor of my bedroom in disgust. But now I understand what her gift really was: Redemption. I picked that sweater up off the floor and wore it proudly—and from that moment on, my life was never the same.

My message, and the message of “The Christmas Sweater,” is that redemption isn’t just a word—it’s a gift that can transform your life. It transformed mine.

How did you approach this differently from the non-fiction books you’ve written?

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is an American radio and television host, conservative political commentator, and entrepreneur, as well as the author of Broke-The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth, and Treasure.
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