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I was discussing the Obama birth control mandate with a friend who is less “political” than me and posed the question of why Obama would mandate free birth control. Was it to please the Feminist left? My friend responded immediately that Obama already has the support of the Feminist left, so that can’t be the reason. We speculated about deals with Big Pharma, or Planned Parenthood. It is hard to imagine a rational, national public interest, in the creation of a “free birth control culture”. We know Obama is politically shrewd.  If pandering isn’t his rationale, the motive of this birth control entitlement, when coupled with other policies, begins to appear sinister.

Seniors - During the Obamacare debate, when Pelosi was telling us to pass the bill in order to learn what was in it, both sides argued about whether Obamacare included rationing.  Sarah Palin labeled the rationing boards “death panels”. We now know that Palin was right. Rationing treatment to patients by “review panels” is absolutely part of this bill. Seniors will dread the words “comfort care” which will convey that the country you built has decided you are carved out of protection, and you will be left to die.

Babies – The radical left has long favored population control, as has every totalitarian regime throughout history.  While death panels in Obamacare will purportedly exist to save money, the birth control mandate carries costs into the billions of dollars. Sticking the mandate on insurance does not mean the cost will magically vaporize. Worse, what can we expect when the next generation learns that sex without pregnancy is a government entitlement?  How will a rationed healthcare system handle the STD pandemic? This sends the message, “Sorry Grandma, since your grandchildren need treatment for syphilis, you are getting “comfort care.’”

Down Syndrome Eliminated – So much attention has been focused on the birth control entitlement, many of us missed the latest in Obama eugenics:  A Down Syndrome free USA.  This administration is sending you the bill for the $1000 + prenatal test to find where all the babies with Down Syndrome are hiding and target them for elimination from the gene pool.  As an adoptive parent of a beautiful child with Down syndrome, I take special offense at this Mengelean expenditure.

Mark Leach, an attorney and fellow parent of a child with Down syndrome put pen to paper on this one:

Gina Loudon

Dr. Gina Loudon is a Talk Show Host, Political Analyst, Author, Columnist, and co-author of Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of Our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor