Gary McCaleb

For over a year, ADF and decorated, high-ranking veteran chaplains have warned that DADT repeal will harm military religious liberty. One of the most significant threats is that the lack of strong regulations protecting chaplains and service members from “sexual orientation discrimination” complaints will chill free speech and freedom of religion. Simply put, uncertainty crushes confidence—confidence to speak, confidence to worship, confidence to openly be a Christian in the military after the military has formally endorsed the moral values of the homosexual agenda.

To prepare for what is behind this uncertainty, ADF asked the Department of Defense to hand over the written statements from combat commanders and military service chiefs regarding the impacts of the repeal—statements which Commander in Chief Barack Obama says justify imposing open homosexual behavior on the military. And while one might expect a “transparent” Administration to readily provide the information, ADF upped the ante by making its request under the Freedom of Information Act.

DOD’s response? Stonewall, stonewall, and stonewall. It waited a month before it agreed to respond to the request, then set a due date that was several weeks away. After those weeks ticked by, and past its own deadline to produce the information, it simply set a new due date: October 30th, over a month after the repeal would take effect.

So much for transparency. But why the blatant stonewalling? Is there political pressure on the Pentagon to be mum? It wouldn’t be the first time, especially if there is something to hide. And there is indeed something behind the DOD’s stone wall: it’s a trapdoor awaiting our troops.

Gary McCaleb

Gary McCaleb serves as Chief Solicitor and Executive Vice-President of Strategy Implementation for the Alliance Defense Fund at its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.