Gary Bauer

What do all Americans, starting with George Washington, and especially pro-life advocates, have in common according to such media luminaries as NBC’s Brian Williams, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and the always quotable Rosie O’Donnell? They all could be considered terrorists, a word the media have begun to deploy against anyone they find particularly contemptible.

Except—too often, alas—actual terrorists.

The ones in Iraq have been called “very powerful, very tenacious insurgents” by CBS’ Katie Couric and “patriots” by media mogul Ted Turner. To his credit, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann seems unafraid to call terrorists by their rightful name. But they’re still not as a bad as Fox News, which he has branded “worse than Al Qaeda.”

Then there’s the Bush administration, which The View’s Joy Behar called “liars and murderers.” Speaking of the president, it was refreshing to hear this description of him a couple years back by a CBS reporter:

“....He’s a very, very wily character. Fascinating man in background. He is genuinely religious, genuinely humble, there are no fancy clothes, fancy cars… He is a very modest man and said to be absolutely incorruptible as well. He’s a fascinating character.”

Oh, wait. My fault. That was the reporter’s description of Iranian “President” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. A man who denies the Holocaust and vows to “wipe Israel off the map” is undoubtedly “fascinating,” though more colorful adjectives spring more readily to my mind. But “absolutely incorruptible” is a bizarre way—an inaccurate way—to describe a man who can claim there are no homosexuals in Iran only because the government he leads kills those who speak up.

So what’s my point? Considered separately, any of these instances of overt anti-Americanism and feeble attempts at moral equivocation seems rather harmless. But taken together, they signal a trend of waning interest and what author Andrew McCarthy calls “willful blindness” by the media as to the root cause of so much violence and terrorism around the world.

Gary Bauer

Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer is president of American Values and chairman of the Campaign for Working Families.