Gary Aldrich
Not a day goes by without another story in the newspaper or television that reports more assaults on your liberty. The liberals, long envious and nervous about the lifestyles of the truly free have set out to take those liberties using dishonest, back-door tactics.

Unable to experience the joy that freedom brings, they don’t understand why you would want it. But they do understand that long as you can travel freely, they do not have total control of your life. Make no mistake – your liberty bothers them.

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Incapable thus far of directly restricting the movement of our citizens, they have gone after our right to travel freely by attacking our preferred method of transportation, our personal automobiles.

This has come in the form of tolls, HOV lane restrictions, harassment of single occupant commuters, and a bombardment of anti-gasoline propaganda, directed most notably at that great leviathan of the road, the SUV.

Even the hysterical ranting of pious eco-religious zealots has not gotten the job done. Indeed, expensive government programs providing incentives to car-poolers combined with commuter lots, van pools, and the availability of computerized ride sharing data has not had the dramatic effect hoped for. Why? Because people love liberty as much as they love the air they breathe.

The fact is the vast majority of Americans have considered these transportation options. They have listened to the pleas, hysterics, and false claims, and for good reasons have roundly rejected them.

But even a whimsical urge to enjoy and protect our liberty will do. Using liberty to resist compliance with annoying nannies desperate to control our lives is a good reason. Driving around the block simply to annoy them is another.

In this country – at least at the time of this writing – you still have an absolute right to travel to work or to play any way you wish. As long as you are willing to pay for the car, the tags, the taxes, the insurance, the safety inspection, and the gas or diesel, you can still do as you please with your car.

Socialists calling themselves progressives or liberals cannot help themselves. Set upon a course where they believe they may have some chance of success, history tells us they will not back off until they finally pass a law that requires every one to obtain and display a permit to cross state lines – for example, to visit Aunt Flo.