Fritz Pfister

Laws? We don’t need no stinkin laws. Do as you please.

Have you heard the advertisements for you to refinance if you owe more than your home is worth? If you are paying more than 2% interest rates? Call us for President Obama’s new improved Harp program.

After all it’s not your fault if you didn’t make your house payment. It’s not your fault the economy tanked and your home’s market value plummeted.

If you are three to twenty-four payments behind, and you haven’t received more than one loan modification you qualify for a write down, lower interest rates, and a refinance for fairness.

Pray tell who will absorb the costs of writing down a loan? The evil lender who tricked you into borrowing money and then making you promise to pay it back? Nope, your tax paying neighbor is happy to pick up the tab.

Why anyone bothers paying their mortgage is a mystery to me. Then again aren’t we being led by example? A president who unilaterally, in defiance of the Constitution, changes law, ignores the law, or refuses to enforce the law? If it’s good enough for the goose it should be good enough for the gander.

Then there’s the millions of foot soldiers who produce nothing but are charged with obstructing those who do produce something. Ask the home builders about the legions of bureaucrats.

The days when the decisions between a consumer and builder to voluntarily transact business are over. They must now have the approval of the government. When the potential buyer asks the builder why is the price for a new home is so expensive, the builder need only point to the government.

Erosion control rules mean the builder will have to haul dirt to a storage facility until the foundation is ready for backfill adding equipment, labor, and fuel costs.

EPA requirements for the amount of insulation for ceiling, sidewalls, foundation, approved heating and cooling, windows, and doors all add costs.

The well intended energy efficiency is now mandated by regulation placing the builder at a competitive disadvantage, and prices the majority of Americans into purchasing an existing home. One of the reasons new home construction has only been able to recover to half of healthy.

Then there are mandates by local officials that drive up costs, especially to developers who then must charge more for the lot where you want to build your home. Will Rogers was correct when he said; “buy some land, they aren’t making any more.”

I’ll bet Will never met the local zoning board dictating how that land can be developed, who pays for the roads leading to that property, how the streets, storm, and sanitary sewers must be installed and with what material.

Fritz Pfister

Fritz began his Real Estate career in 1987 and has been with RE/MAX since 1989.