Fritz Pfister

The mainstream media, Barack Obama, and Democrats either think people are stupid or fools. Has to be one or the other the way they talk to folks and the whoppers they tell.

Let’s begin with the AP this week whose headline; “Faith In The Economy Holds Steady”. Makes sense because faith is belief without evidence. The reason for such faith? Consumer confidence ‘only’ fell to 69.2.

Doesn’t faith in the economy imply a positive outlook? What on earth is positive about a failing grade? The AP must think we’re all idiots.

Going beyond the headlines we learn that economists say the US economy is at a juncture, rising layoffs, and slowing home sales raise concerns for a slowing economy in the spring for a third straight year.

While the US is at this juncture in desperate need of jobs where is Barack Obama? Off on the taxpayer dime going to the only places where he can be believed; college campuses, and comedy shows.

Hi ho Silver, the Lone Ranger rides to the rescue again! Why the president is concerned that the student loan program he dictated be taken over by the government when Democrats had control of both houses of congress, wrote into the law that interest rates on loans to new students would have to increase because that silly CBO says the program will go broke otherwise, is out to save you from those who want to double interest rates on loans that don’t apply to you! And they cheer.

How many jobs did that create?

Our higher education system sure is producing some brilliant minds. Not only doesn’t the new interest rate apply to these yutes, AP had just reported 53.6% of college graduates 25 and under were unemployed or underemployed.

The employment prospects for these cheering yutes is as good as Biden saying something intelligent, or Wasserman-Schultz telling the truth, almost nil.

Meanwhile in the real world ‘S’ Corps won’t be hiring if their taxes are raised to pay for another trillion dollar boondoggle. You don’t suppose Obama would promise these yutes something for their votes do you? It’s not like he’s from Chicago or something. Hey professors teach these kids something besides 69.2 is good.

Obama was probably laughing so hard after speaking to the supposed brightest that it dawned upon him people are so stupid he could take his act on the comedy tour. The problem for the national jester is we need jobs. There’s nothing funny about being jobless.

Fritz Pfister

Fritz began his Real Estate career in 1987 and has been with RE/MAX since 1989.