Fritz Pfister

Defeat Barack Obama. It’s that simple.

Just as the old saying goes; you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. We are a nation of people who have taken far too much for granted for too long.

Remember the feeling when you purchased your first home? The sense of accomplishment, the freedom to do with your property as you wanted, the pride when showing that home to family and friends? A home that was an expression and an extension of you, your pride of ownership, and values.

Due to easy money, cheap money, and rapidly rising prices, a home became more of a piggy bank than a source of pride. Part of the reason it was so easy to walk away from under water mortgages for hundreds of thousands. When people began viewing their home as a financial vehicle instead of an extension of their values, cracks in America’s foundation appeared.

What does this have to do with Barack Obama? Our view of what America means. Do we honor America as that first home? As an expression of ourselves, of the freedom and individual liberty that we must diligently maintain? Or do we view that we are entitled to the blessings of freedom without any responsibility to maintain that freedom? Is someone else responsible?

This past December in Osawatomie Kansas President Obama laid clear his view of America when he said; “Limited government and free market economies don’t work, and never have.” He then proceeded to lay out his vision of economic ‘fairness’. As Krauthammer said; “Channeling Chavez more than Roosevelt.”

Look into the neighborhoods hardest hit by the housing meltdown and you can quickly identify those who take pride in their property, maintain, and care for the home as compared to the home that was abandoned because it was just a house for one who believes they are entitled, and bear no responsibility.

President Obama’s vision appeals to these ‘entitled’ citizens who cheer for his economic ‘fairness’. Why not? This is the wealthiest nation on earth, those rich people didn’t earn their money, they took advantage of them and they are ‘entitled’ to repayment. Let’s take those greedy people’s money and redistribute it to achieve ‘fairness’.

What about the home that shines and is well cared for displaying obvious pride of ownership? Are these the people who believe in equal opportunity, and personal responsibility? Provide these people the freedom to pursue their own dreams and you see the result. These are the people Barack Obama wants to take from to give to the ‘entitled’. That is Barack Obama’s view of ‘fairness’.

Fritz Pfister

Fritz began his Real Estate career in 1987 and has been with RE/MAX since 1989.