Fred J. Eckert

When CBS news anchor Scott Pelley conducted the 2013 Super Bowl Sunday interview with President Obama it was as obvious as it is today that the President, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other Obama Administration officials had lied and continued to lie to try to hide the truth about Benghazi.

Yet in the face of this -- and plenty of other serious unanswered questions -- Palley began that CBS interview with: There has been concern about the safety of football at all levels: high school, college and in the NFL. If you had a son, would you let him play?

The other Palley questions: You think there is going to have to be additional revenue over the next four years?...Do you have any hesitation as commander-in-chief ordering women into combat?... Should scouting be open to gays?... If the federal spending cuts that are on tap for March actually take effect, will that push the country into recession? Check the transcript – this really covers each topic question CBS put to President Obama when it was their turn last year – a bias against spending cuts coupled with some inconsequential items tossed in.

Pathetic. But it’s what we have come to expect from the major media.

So let’s give Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly some credit for the decent job he did in this year’s Super Bowl Sunday interview with President Obama. Measured against the standard of the pathetic journalism we have come to expect from the major media, O’Reilly’s interview was terrific. But measured against what we should expect of great journalism, it wasn’t bad and was at times fairly good – but it fell far short of great.

For the most part he asked the sort of questions major media journalists should have all along been asking of the President but never do and clearly prefer not to. He was appropriately respectful and polite while persistent in his quest for answers to his questions. No one in his right mind can fault the professionalism and journalistic competence and integrity that he brought to the interview.

Fred J. Eckert

Fred J. Eckert is a former Republican congressman from New York and twice served as a US Ambassador under President Ronald Reagan, who called him “a good friend and valued advisor.”