Frank Gaffney

Straw polls are notoriously overrated. This observation applies especially to the over-hyped one held most recently in Ames, Iowa over the weekend.

That said, for Americans concerned about national security and seized with the necessity of electing as our next commander-in-chief a principled, competent leader, the outcome was heartening.

That is true first and foremost because Michele Bachmann garnered the most votes. I have had the privilege of briefing and interacting with her on numerous occasions over the years that this Minnesota Republican has been in Congress. She is a thoughtful, quick study with very sound instincts. She embraces and would, if elected, surely apply Ronald Reagan’s strategy of “peace through strength.”

In fact, in 2010, Rep. Bachmann was among the candidates for office who signed onto a platform enumerating the principles she would be guided by in applying that strategy. (An updated version featuring twelve, rather than the original 10, planks – “Twelve for ’12” – can be found at (

Among the principles to which Ms. Bachmann has pledged to adhere are:

• A robust defense posture including: A safe, reliable effective nuclear deterrent, which requires its modernization and testing; the deployment of comprehensive defenses against missile attack; and national protection against unconventional forms of warfare – including biological, electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) and cyber attacks.

• Preservation of U.S. sovereignty against international treaties, judicial rulings and other measures that would have the effect of supplanting or otherwise diminishing the U.S. Constitution and the representative, accountable form of government it guarantees.

• A nation free of Shariah, the brutally repressive and anti-Constitutional totalitarian program that governs in Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Islamic states and that terrorists are fighting to impose worldwide.

• Energy security, realized by exploiting to the fullest the natural resources and technologies available in this country. We Americans must reduce our dependence for energy upon – and transfers of national wealth to – enemies of this country.

• Borders secure against penetration by terrorists, narco-traffickers or others seeking to enter the United States illegally. Aliens who have violated immigration laws should not be rewarded with the privileges of citizenship.

• A foreign policy that supports our allies and opposes our adversaries. It should be clearly preferable to be a friend of the United States, not its enemy.

Frank Gaffney

Frank Gaffney Jr. is the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy and author of War Footing: 10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World .
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