Erika Johnsen


That is the word the mainstream media too often associates with the federal gunwalking scandal known as Operation Fast and Furious—but in her new book, Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up, investigative reporter Katie Pavlich fearlessly chronicles exactly why the only thing "botched" about the ill-fated operation was the Obama administration's shoddy attempt to cover their tracks.

Having shared office space with Katie for well over a year now, I've witnessed her ferocious commitment to this story since before Fast and Furious was even a thought in the national consciousness. I wasn't always quite sure what her mysterious phone calls and outings were about, but I trusted that she was relentlessly collecting research and gathering evidence—and the product of her intrepidness and hard work is all too timely. She's left no stone unturned in her explanation and analysis of the deadly operation and, as this story continues to unfold nationally, her book serves as a thorough primer of the harrowing circumstances that led to it.

I'll confess that, until reading Katie's book, the exact nature of Operation Fast and Furious had eluded me. I generally understood that President Obama has deliberately surrounded himself with an administration chock-full of anti-gun groupies, and that the execution of Operation Fast and Furious was very carelessly thought out, to say the least. But, I didn't quite understand exactly why the now-well-publicized deaths of American federal agents and countless Mexican citizens were more than just the result of some belligerent Mexican gang members—as the Obama administration no doubt wishes us to believe.

Erika Johnsen

Erika Johnsen is a Web Editor for and Townhall Magazine. Follow her on Twitter @erikajohnsen.