Douglas MacKinnon

A little over two years ago, my novel depicting a conservative revolution from within the United States against the ”liberal onslaught eradicating traditional America,” was released. It is entitled “America’s Last Days,” and did quite well in the bookstores and on

The reason I bring it up again (which seems counter-productive as I now have a newer novel in the bookstores), is to report some interesting feedback which may or may not act as a measurement of concern or outright fear of the Obama administration and the European Welfare State the left-leaning President seems intent on replicating within our borders.

Right after Barack Obama was elected, I was flooded with emails from those who had already read the book, or who had just gotten it. The tone of the majority was shock, with a number saying, “My nation no longer exists,” or “I can’t believe we just elected a committed Socialist,” to “The mainstream media succeeded in deceiving the American people,” to “Your fictional characters need to come to life.”

After a couple of weeks of fairly frequent and decidedly nervous emails, the traffic slowed and then stopped. Either the tiny universe of those interested in the book and were willing to email had been exhausted or, people were taking a wait and see attitude hoping against hope that Obama might actually choose to govern from the center.

From the middle of November until about the middle of February, I received no further emails from readers worried about Obama and looking for answers from within the pages of a novel. Then, come mid-February, the emails started again. It was almost as if those willing to give the new President the benefit of the doubt had seen enough and were crying out for a fictional solution.

As I have stressed in the past and will say now to Attorney General Eric Holder and the left-leaning political appointees of his Justice Department, “America’s Last Days” is a work of fiction. Period.

As to why the novel may resonate with some Americans who believe in God and traditional values, below you will find two excerpts:

The first excerpt relates a conversation that takes place between the former Director of the FBI and the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The two men lead The 1776 Command. The fictional conservative militia portrayed in the novel. These two men believe the United States of America is in a death spiral from which it will never recover. As such, they believe it is their duty to act.  

““How did we get this way, John? Why are they forcing us to do this terrible thing?”

Douglas MacKinnon

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of The Secessionist States of America. (Skyhorse Publishing, 2014)

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